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  Import tool for various worldmap analysis output files

begin                : Jan 21, 2004
copyright            : (C) 2004 by Tim Sutton
email                : tim@linfiniti.com


 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *
/*  $Id: plugin.cpp,v 2004/12/03 17:17:25 gsherman Exp $ */

// includes

#include <qgisapp.h>
#include <qgsmaplayer.h>
#include "plugin.h"
#include <qgsproject.h>

#include <qtoolbar.h>
#include <qmenubar.h>
#include <qmessagebox.h>
#include <qpopupmenu.h>
#include <qlineedit.h>
#include <qaction.h>
#include <qapplication.h>
#include <qcursor.h>
#include <qpixmap.h>
#include <qpainter.h>
#include <qfont.h>
#include <qrect.h>
#include <qbrush.h>
#include <qbutton.h>
#include <qcheckbox.h>
#include <qpaintdevicemetrics.h>

//non qt includes
#include <iostream>

//the gui subclass
#include "plugingui.h"

// xpm for creating the toolbar icon
#include "icon.xpm"

#ifdef WIN32
#define QGISEXTERN extern "C" __declspec( dllexport )
#define QGISEXTERN extern "C"

static const char * const ident_ = "$Id: plugin.cpp,v 2004/12/03 17:17:25 gsherman Exp $";

static const char * const name_ = "CopyrightLabel";
static const char * const description_ = "This plugin overlays copyright information on the rendered map.";
static const char * const version_ = "Version 0.1";
static const QgisPlugin::PLUGINTYPE type_ = QgisPlugin::UI;

 * Constructor for the plugin. The plugin is passed a pointer to the main app
 * and an interface object that provides access to exposed functions in QGIS.
 * @param qgis Pointer to the QGIS main window
 * @param _qI Pointer to the QGIS interface object
00077 Plugin::Plugin(QgisApp * theQGisApp, QgisIface * theQgisInterFace):

00083 Plugin::~Plugin()

 * Initialize the GUI interface for the plugin
00089 void Plugin::initGui()
    // add a menu with 2 items
    QPopupMenu *pluginMenu = new QPopupMenu(qgisMainWindowPointer);

    int menuId = pluginMenu->insertItem(QIconSet(icon),"&CopyrightLabel", this, SLOT(run()));
    pluginMenu->setWhatsThis(menuId, "Creates a copyright label that is displayed on the map canvas.");
    menuBarPointer = ((QMainWindow *) qgisMainWindowPointer)->menuBar();

    menuIdInt = qGisInterface->addMenu("&Decorations", pluginMenu);
    // Create the action for tool
    myQActionPointer = new QAction("Copyright Label", QIconSet(icon), "&Wmi",0, this, "run");
    myQActionPointer->setWhatsThis("Creates a copyright label that is displayed on the map canvas.");
    // Connect the action to the run
    connect(myQActionPointer, SIGNAL(activated()), this, SLOT(run()));
    // This calls the renderer everytime the cnavas has drawn itself
    connect(qGisInterface->getMapCanvas(), SIGNAL(renderComplete(QPainter *)), this, SLOT(renderLabel(QPainter *)));
    //this resets this plugin up if a project is loaded
    connect(qgisMainWindowPointer, SIGNAL(projectRead()), this, SLOT(projectRead()));

    // Add the icon to the toolbar
    //initialise default values in the gui

00115 void Plugin::projectRead()
    std::cout << "+++++++++ Copyright plugin - project read slot called...." << std::endl;
#endif    //default text to start with - try to fetch it from qgsproject

    mLabelQString = QgsProject::instance()->readEntry("CopyrightLabel","/Label","(c) QGIS 2004");
    mPlacement = QgsProject::instance()->readEntry("CopyrightLabel","/Placement","Bottom Right");
    mEnable = QgsProject::instance()->readBoolEntry("CopyrightLabel","/Enabled",true);
    // todo - read & store state of font color
    mLabelQColor = QColor(Qt::black);

//method defined in interface
00133 void Plugin::help()
    //implement me!

// Slot called when the buffer menu item is activated
00139 void Plugin::run()
    PluginGui *myPluginGui=new PluginGui(qgisMainWindowPointer,"Copyright Label",true,0);
    //listen for when the layer has been made so we can draw it
    //connect(myPluginGui, SIGNAL(drawRasterLayer(QString)), this, SLOT(drawRasterLayer(QString)));
    //connect(myPluginGui, SIGNAL(drawVectorLayer(QString,QString,QString)), this, SLOT(drawVectorLayer(QString,QString,QString)));
    //refresh the canvas when the user presses ok
    connect(myPluginGui, SIGNAL(refreshCanvas()), this, SLOT(refreshCanvas()));
    connect(myPluginGui, SIGNAL(changeFont(QFont )), this, SLOT(setFont(QFont )));
    connect(myPluginGui, SIGNAL(changeLabel(QString )), this, SLOT(setLabel(QString )));
    connect(myPluginGui, SIGNAL(changeColor(QColor)), this, SLOT(setColor(QColor)));
    connect(myPluginGui, SIGNAL(changePlacement(QString)), this, SLOT(setPlacement(QString)));
    connect(myPluginGui, SIGNAL(enableCopyrightLabel(bool)), this, SLOT(setEnable(bool)));
//! Refresh the map display using the mapcanvas exported via the plugin interface
00157 void Plugin::refreshCanvas()

void Plugin::renderLabel(QPainter * theQPainter)
    //Large IF statement to enable/disable copyright label
    if (mEnable)
        //@todo softcode this!myQSimpleText.height()
        int myRotationInt = 90;
        // need width/height of paint device
        QPaintDeviceMetrics myMetrics( theQPainter->device() );
        int myHeight = myMetrics.height();
        int myWidth = myMetrics.width();
        //hard coded cludge for getting a colorgroup.  Needs to be replaced
        QButton * myQButton =new QButton();
        QColorGroup myQColorGroup = myQButton->colorGroup();

        QSimpleRichText myQSimpleText(mLabelQString, mQFont);
        myQSimpleText.setWidth( theQPainter, myWidth-10 );

        //Get canvas dimensions
        int myYOffset = myHeight;
        int myXOffset = myWidth;

        //Determine placement of label from form combo box
        if (mPlacement==tr("Bottom Left"))
            //Define bottom left hand corner start point
            myYOffset = myYOffset - (myQSimpleText.height()+5);
            myXOffset = 5;
        else if (mPlacement==tr("Top Left"))
            //Define top left hand corner start point
            myYOffset = 5;
            myXOffset = 5;
        else if (mPlacement==tr("Top Right"))
            //Define top right hand corner start point
            myYOffset = 5;
            myXOffset = myXOffset - (myQSimpleText.widthUsed()+5);
        else // defaulting to bottom right
            //Define bottom right hand corner start point
            myYOffset = myYOffset - (myQSimpleText.height()+5);
            myXOffset = myXOffset - (myQSimpleText.widthUsed()+5);

        //Paint label to canvas
        QRect myRect(myXOffset,myYOffset,myQSimpleText.widthUsed(),myQSimpleText.height());
        myQSimpleText.draw (theQPainter, myXOffset, myYOffset, myRect, myQColorGroup);

// Unload the plugin by cleaning up the GUI
00218 void Plugin::unload()
    // remove the GUI
    delete myQActionPointer;

//! change the copyright font
00228 void Plugin::setFont(QFont theQFont)
    mQFont = theQFont;
    //save state to the project file.....
    //save state to the project file.....
    QgsProject::instance()->writeEntry("CopyrightLabel","/FontSize", theQFont.pointSize()  );
//! change the copyright text
00238 void Plugin::setLabel(QString theLabelQString)
    mLabelQString = theLabelQString;
    QgsProject::instance()->writeEntry("CopyrightLabel","/Label", mLabelQString  );
//! change the copyright text colour
00245 void Plugin::setColor(QColor theQColor)
    mLabelQColor = theQColor;
    QgsProject::instance()->writeEntry("CopyrightLabel","/ColorRedPart", mLabelQColor.red());
    QgsProject::instance()->writeEntry("CopyrightLabel","/ColorGreenPart", mLabelQColor.green());
    QgsProject::instance()->writeEntry("CopyrightLabel","/ColorBluePart", mLabelQColor.blue());

//! set placement of copyright label
00255 void Plugin::setPlacement(QString theQString)
    mPlacement = theQString;
    QgsProject::instance()->writeEntry("CopyrightLabel","/Placement", mPlacement);

//! set whether copyright label is enabled
00263 void Plugin::setEnable(bool theBool)
    mEnable = theBool;
    QgsProject::instance()->writeEntry("CopyrightLabel","/Enabled", mEnable );

 * Required extern functions needed  for every plugin
 * These functions can be called prior to creating an instance
 * of the plugin class
// Class factory to return a new instance of the plugin class
QGISEXTERN QgisPlugin * classFactory(QgisApp * theQGisAppPointer, QgisIface * theQgisInterfacePointer)
    return new Plugin(theQGisAppPointer, theQgisInterfacePointer);

// Return the name of the plugin - note that we do not user class members as
// the class may not yet be insantiated when this method is called.
QGISEXTERN QString name()
    return name_;

// Return the description
QGISEXTERN QString description()
    return description_;

// Return the type (either UI or MapLayer plugin)
QGISEXTERN int type()
    return type_;

// Return the version number for the plugin
QGISEXTERN QString version()
    return version_;

// Delete ourself
QGISEXTERN void unload(QgisPlugin * thePluginPointer)
    delete thePluginPointer;

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